Why I like Wolves.

English: A German Shepherd dog Polski: Owczare...

Littered around my room are pictures of wolves. Why do I like them so much? I think the main reason is because when I was born my parents had a 2 year old German Shepherd, Kazz. Kazz apparently used to stand over my pram and growl at anyone that came near. Obviously I don’t remember that but I do remember her lying at the end of my bed every night when I was older, going for walks with her and, the time she got out and we found her strolling down the street whilst pedestrians backed up against the wall (not that she was paying ANY attention to them!). I was 11 when she died and it was my first experience of death :(… Moving on 4 years and I worked at a kennel from the age of 15-18, this experience introduced me to other ‘wolf-like’ dogs and I grew very attached to a regular customer, a Siberian Husky. This instantly became my new favourite dog but it wasn’t until I went to Canada in 2004  that I paid more attention to wolves. Over there, there seemed to be a big ‘wolf’ theme. I bought countless postcards and a large mounted picture.

English: Female Siberian Husky in the snow

That was the official start of my fascination with wolves. Studying Zoology at university I was able to slip them into as many essays as I could, with one on the senescence of dogs (linked strongly to wolves) and another dedicated to the conservation of wolves and it was probably my best work during the 3 years there :). I bought the wolves textbook, check it out, to help me with this and learnt a lot more about their behaviour and conservation.

Español: Lobo en el zoo de Kolmården (Suecia).

I now follow all the latest updates on wolf conservation and my life ambition is to see them in their natural habitat. I will regularly post on developments surrounding their conversation, intermediated by overviews on their current status in different parts of the world. For now, I hope this post has filled you in on why I like wolves, after a few more posts I hope you do too :).

English: The Gibbon wolf pack pauses in the sn...