Dinotastic Classroom!

During a school visit, I noticed that there were a lot of dinosaur themed work… It turned out that the school was in the middle of a dinosaur themed term and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures to give everyone an idea how to set up your classroom dinosaur style!

With it just being an observation I can’t go into detail about the work. Have a look at the pictures for ideas if you want to do anything dinosaur related :). My favourite has to be the Tardis idea, most pupils in key stage 2 (7-11 year olds) have heard of Doctor Who and this continuous provision can be adapted to any topic when trying to link history to it, whilst engaging the pupils interest – they will want to check out the inside, especially if you change over the resources inside on a regular basis!

Just for those who don’t know what Kid Pix (the programme the computer work was done on) is, like I didn’t, it’s just a bitmap drawing programme for windows.

I hope these pictures fascinated you as much as they did me, although I am very enthusiastic about dinosaurs :D.


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