I’ve come to find that there is a direct relationship between children in my class being refused permission to go to the toilet and their sudden ‘runny’ nose. Where else are the tissues kept for this ailment other than the porcelain heaven they wanted to visit 2 minutes earlier. Needless to say, a box of tissues is the newest purchase for my class :).

It would be good to hear anyone else’s pointless classroom stories!


Larking around in the snow.

A few pictures from the botanical gardens. The advice from the met office was to make snowmen so that less water is released at once when it all thawed. Doing our part for the environment!

The snow has all completely melted overnight however, I daren’t go and check on old snowy here…






New Years Resolution

My new years resolution is to blog at LEAST once a week!

I’ve updated the about section and I’d like to hear any feedback you may have to help me improve this blog, whether it be the layout, content etc.

Hopefully my posts will be more than weekly, with regular updates on ideas in the classroom that have gone well. This coming week should be busy as I have a few posts to catch up on since I started in September! I’m also going to try and get back into the wolf conservation and I have a post on its way regarding reintroducing them to Scotland (a ice controversial issue!). Travelling posts, for obvious reasons, will be fewer but clustered within school holidays when I get away; New England in August is the big one!