Engaging LAPs in recount

Today I delivered a literacy speaking and listening lesson to feed into a writing session on recount, in the context of a diary entry.

What struck me most was how engaged my LAPs were (lower than average ability) and they in fact seemed the most keen on transferring their work into a written activity. To warm them up into speaking and listening I displayed the question ‘how would you decide who to share your sweets with if you only had two left?’ and got them discussing this as soon as they walked into class. This question, by the way, directly related to my input which was a Pixar clip relating to a similar decision.

The clip was ‘one man band’ and lacks any dialogue. After watching the clip, children had to write down how each character would have felt on post-it notes, sticking these onto character pictures in small groups. They also had to stick speech bubbles around the characters to indicate what others would say about them; here I extended the above average children by going into how others would feel, as well as how they would describe the character.

Following this activity, the groups hot seated each other as one of the characters and we looked at questioning techniques. They were able to take any ideas that came up for their diary entries into their literacy books.

This is where my LAPs seemed to shine; when I brought the groups together into 3 big groups for hot seating, the children who usually struggled were better able to get on independently.

On Monday we will be focusing on writing and creating a diary entry as one of the characters. Lets hope this engagement feeds into their writing :). Obviously this isn’t a minute by minute guide to my lesson, I’ve just included the main activities. If anyone is trying to teach recount writing to level 2 writers then ‘one man band’ may be a good idea to hook them in.


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