About this blog

If I had to compartmentalise my life into 3 specific areas they would be; teaching, travelling and conservation.

Teaching: I am now an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) so I hope to regularly post on issues I come across, lessons and activities that work as well as those that don’t.

Travelling: This is a passion of mine and since spending 6 weeks in Canada at the age of 16 I have inter-railed Europe, studied in the Arctic Circle and holidayed around the UK and Mediterranean. With many more places to visit, I hope to share them through my travelling category.

Conservation: Another interest of mine is conservation, especially of wolves. Having done Zoology at university I have seen the effects of global warming first hand and studied issues in conservation as part of my BSc. Although the majority of posts in this section will regard wolf conversation, I will from time to time post on other conservation issues that I feel are important.

Since I am fairly new to blogging, I would welcome any feedback regarding any section of my blog.


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