Bucket list

Saw this idea on another blog and thought it was a great idea. So here’s my bucket list and I’ll highlight them off as I do them :)…  and add to them if necessary!

  1. Learn guitar

  2. Take an African safari
  3. stay in an Ice Hotel
  4. Attend the FIFA world cup
  5. Brew my own beer
  6. Stand at the North or South Pole
  7. Go whale watching
  8. See the Northern lights
  9. See the Golden Gate Bridge
  10. Visit New York
  11. Go to Vegas
  12. Attend Oktoberfest
  13. Visit the pyramids
  14. Learn to Snowboard
  15. Spend Christmas in New York
  16. Spend St. Patricks day in Ireland
  17. Visit the Amazon Rainforest
  18. Set foot on each continent
  19. Swim with dolphins
  20. Visit every Capital city in Europe
  21. Own a motorcycle
  22. Go horse riding
  23. Drive across America from one coast to another
  24. Learn Archery
  25. Climb the statue of liberty
  26. Watch an entire season of 24
  27. See a wolf in the wild
  28. See a polar bear in the wild
  29. Hold a bird of prey
  30. Cycle to Londonderry
  31. Visit the Peak District
  32. Spend over 200 pounds on a firework display
  33. Get a tattoo
  34. Go on a cruise
  35. Run a marathon
  36. Ride an elephant
  37. Write a book
  38. Send a message in a bottle
  39. Visit the grand canyon
  40. Learn to surf
  41. Buy a house
  42. Ride a gondola
  43. Fly in a hot air balloon
  44. Visit Hawaii
  45. Fly first class
  46. Visit Stonehenge
  47. Visit all 50 states
  48. Experience zero gravity
  49. Plant a tree
  50. Fly in a helicopter
  51. Milk a cow
  52. Visit Easter Island
  53. Be an extra in a movie
  54. Sleep in a castle
  55. Fly a plane
  56. Visit Yellowstone national park
  57. Learn how to shoot
  58. Go Skiing
  59. Own a dog
  60. Try fencing
  61. Take a self defence class
  62. Take a first aid course
    – Sent on a course by my school 🙂 25/01/13
  63. Teach English in a foreign country
  64. Go zorbing
  65. See a duck billed platypus
  66. See a penguin in the wild
  67. Swim with Manatees
  68. Visit Auschwitz
  69. Fly a kite
  70. Go Ice skating
  71. Keep bees
  72. Get a masters Degree
  73. Meet Jim Carey
  74. Meet Will Smith
  75. Meet Sean Bean
  76. Drink something that costs over 500 pounds

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