Canada; second only to Yorkshire

My visitor count has recently been inundated with Canadian visits so I thought I’d dedicate a post to why Canada is my favourite country.

Having relatives in Ontario, I first visited Canada after my GCSEs in 2004. I spent 6 weeks between; Oakville, south of Toronto; Aurora, north Toronto and Brockville, on the St Lawrence. The one thing I always remember being in awe over was how friendly Canadians are! Although I think my accent had something to do with it in some cases (almost all commented on it!), the Canadians seemed innately friendly and helpful. Unlike the cattle market feel of British shops, checkout assistants seemed genuinely interested in chatting while you made purchases and everybody had a friendly way about them.

This attitude may have something to do with their weather. In my opinion they get the best of both worlds. Their summer, at least in southern Ontario, is much hotter (and less wet!) than ours; I burnt my neck with factor 50 on! Yes I burn easily but never THAT easily in England. Then in winter, they get tonnes and tonnes of snow! Who wouldn’t be cheerful with both sunbathing AND snowmen in the same back garden?

My second trip was for a week last February when I stayed in Peterborough, Ontario. The trip was amazing and again, I met a lot of friendly people, whom I’m still in touch with now and who introduced me to the amazing game of Catan! I will definitely be visiting again and by then I will have a separate blog dedicated to traveling, where I’ll post all the adventures :).

Finally, the icing on the cake is that Canada has a fantastic population of wolves! If I could, I’d be living over there right now 🙂


Larking around in the snow.

A few pictures from the botanical gardens. The advice from the met office was to make snowmen so that less water is released at once when it all thawed. Doing our part for the environment!

The snow has all completely melted overnight however, I daren’t go and check on old snowy here…